Complete quality budget web page design templates and maintenance for your business.

What we can do for you:

Business Starter Package from AU$650

Business Starter Package + Maintenance from AU$1150

Budget Website Hosting from AU$12.50 per month

Webpage maintenance AU$50 per hour

A Sampler Webpage AU$50

Whatever your business or interest we can help with your web presence.

sample pages

Welcome to the first step in business growth!
If you're reading this it's because you need a www address and presence. Second only to word-of-mouth, a website is the most cost effective form of advertising. Launch your business name on the world-wide web and reach more customers! More customers equals more sales! We specialise in creating webpages for small businesses!

Where we can help ...
Bewitching Webworks creates webpages with impact for small businesses just like yours.

Let's talk about specialists
We couldn't do your job... right? Time's money. While you get on with what you do best, let us do what we do best - creating winning websites.

How easy can we make it?
We'll do everything for you: buy your domain name, create your site, then optimize that site to be best picked up by the search engines. And when you add products or services we can adjust your web pages to reflect your business growth.

Sounds good? Let's get started ...
Let's begin with a Sampler Page, based on your choice of 'looks' and colours. Choose a template and give some thought as to what colours would best suit your business image or logo.
Next, type your contact details and preferences into the quote sheet and we'll send an acknowledgment in 24 hours. Your sample Home Page together with quote will be ready for your approval in 7 days.
If you go ahead with your webpages, the $50.00 sampler cost is deducted from your overall webpage cost.

And if you don't like it ...
We will make up to 6 changes of this page. Other pages will then be created to suit the design you're happy with.

How many hidden charges are there?
We provide budget priced complete packages. Once your website is launched we will maintain your webpages at an hourly rate of AU$50.00 . Extra pages can be added at any time - the cost is always prequoted for your budgeting convenience. There are no hidden charges with Bewitching Webworks!

Tell us what you need and we will do the rest! Don't wait any longer to give your income that 21st Century boost! Reach more people, gain more enquiries, make more sales!

Fill out the Website Enquiry Form and we will contact you with no obligation.

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